About Us

Fleener Funeral Home was founded in 1907 by William Lewis Fleener. The original business was located in the back of the family’s furniture store on north Main Street in Greensburg. At that time the craftsmen who built coffins also built furniture for homes and it was common practice for the two businesses to be under the same roof.

The funeral home moved to a location just one block north of the original location in 1950. This location better suited the business because there was living arrangement for the funeral director adjacent to the funeral home.

The funeral home was destroyed by a tornado on May 4, 2007, that demolished all of the downtown district of Greensburg and 95% of the homes in the town.

J. Fleener, fourth generation to direct the business, made the commitment after the storm to rebuild. The new business building is nearing completion. Located at 514 South Main Street the building will be a very comfortable, energy efficient, and is designed with sustainable building techniques and materials. One of the interesting features of the building is a Trodmke passive solar wall, facing the South.